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    The Story Inside Our Hats

    Who took you on your first hunt?  Who taught you how to fish?  Who inspired you to always do your best?  For us, it was our father, Roger Maris.  We honor him and remember his positive influences as we look inside our hats and see his photo.  As you see him inside our hats and pursue your personal quests, please take time to remember those who have inspired and guided you.


    The Beginning

    Roger Maris, Jr. and his brother Richard founded 61 Outfitters with the concept of creating a brotherhood of hunters and fishermen who share the passion of striving for excellence on personal quests.  Their father, Roger Maris, raised his sons to put forth their best effort in all endeavors.  He led by example in 1961 when, as the right fielder for the New York Yankees, he hit 61 home runs to become the single season Home Run King, winning his second MVP award and leading his team to a World Series Championship.












    At 61 Outfitters, HomeRun expresses a philosophy of experiencing your ultimate day in the woods or on the water.  The best possible outcome.  An incomparable success.  A peak experience.

    The exhilaration of the HomeRun is understood by those who achieve it.  It occurs in the experience a hunter has in successfully luring a big-bearded Tom off his roost, calling ducks to decoys or grunting in a Boone & Crockett buck as he slips through the woods.  It is present in the pride of the fisherman hooking a 10 lb. bass or triumphing in the struggle of a tug of war with a Marlin.  It exists in the adrenalin of a fisherman watching and waiting anxiously as a catch breaks the surface for the first time.