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    Roger Maris, Jr. (above, right) and his brother, Richard (above, left), founded 61 Outfitters with the concept of inspiring you to remember those who put you on your Quest to Bag, Catch or Be the Best.


    The 61 in our designs is all about remembering:

    Who took you on your first hunt?

    Who taught you how to fish?

    Who inspired you to always do
    your best?

    For us, it was our father, Roger Maris, who raised us to put forth our best effort in all endeavors. He led by example in 1961 when, as the right fielder for the New York Yankees, he hit 61 home runs to become the single season Home Run King, winning his second consecutive
    MVP award and leading his team to a World Series Title.

    His 61 home runs in 1961 inspired the use of 61 in our designs. We use 61 to honor him, remember the lessons he taught us, and remember the special time we spent together.

    So – when you see the 61 in our designs, take a minute to remember those who positively influenced you and put you on your Quest to Bag, Catch or Be the Best.